Cleaver helps you create servers ready for deploying your web apps with zero downtime. The goals of Cleaver are:

  • To make server provisioning easy and accessible for everyone - pros or amateurs.
  • To make server provisioning affordable for everyone esp. for indie developers.
  • To make handling of server related tasks such as creating domains, managing databases, zero downtime deployments, adding/removing SSH keys etc. easy and intuitive.


💬 SLACK: Use Slack to interact with the team as well as the users of Cleaver.

🐦 Twitter: Use Twitter for a quick question or a casual conversation or to let us know how well we are doing. If you like Cleaver, a quick appreciation tweet will be more effective than few cups of coffee for us to improve Cleaver to make it even more helpful for you.

💌 Email: Use email if you are having an issue or you have a question that may not be practical to ask/answer with just 140 characters (or 280 characters if you are one of the lucky ones). If you really don't like Cleaver for any reason, then you should really use email as we'll try to convert your hatred to love with civil conversation and some cute cat pics.

🎥 YouTube: Our goal is to Cleaver as intutive as possible to avoid making you consult documentation or watch tutorials. But in case you need them, we have some short video clips added on our Cleaver channel. Please watch them and let us know how we are doing.

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