To allow Cleaver to use your Vultr account so that it can create and administer new servers, you first need to add a personal access token from your Vultr account to Cleaver. This is one time thing and don't have to do it again unless you revoked or edited the access token.


  1. Go to and make sure to select API tab.

  2. If API access isn't enabled, click Enable API button to enable it.

  3. In the Access Control panel, click on Allow All IPv4 button to allow to use API from your desktop.

  4. On the modal box that appears asking you to confirm, click on Ok.

  5. Copy the API key, switch to Cleaver app, and select Providers menu from the sidebar.

  6. Click the Add New Provider button.

  7. Once on the Add New Provider page make sure to select Vultr tab.

  8. PROFILE NAME: The name of this profile. If you have multiple providers and/or profiles, this name is going to be important when creating a new server.

  9. ACCESS TOKEN: The token that you copied from Vultr in step 5.

  10. Once you are done, click the Add button.

Cleaver will verify your token with Vultr and if everything goes well, you should see your new token name listed on the Providers page.

If things are still not clear, or if you are having an issue, please send us an email. In the meantime, watch the following clip that shows how to add a Vultr personal access token to Cleaver. And in case you were wondering, the access token is saved in your keyring.

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