1. Select your server and from the secondary sidebar select Databases.

  2. Make sure you are on Databases tab.

  3. Click Add New Database button.

  4. NAME: Name of the database. The name of the database must be unique on this server.

  5. DATABASE SERVER TYPE: You'll only see this field if you haven't installed a database server on your server yet. Select the server you want to install before adding a database. We recommend MariaDB.

  6. Click Add button



  1. From the list of database, click the vertical bar menu (3 vertical dots) next to the database you want to remove and select Delete.

  2. Confirm that you really want to delete this database by clicking OK button.

If things are still not clear, or if you are having an issue, please send us an email. In the meantime, watch the following clip that shows how to add a database to your server using Cleaver.

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