To use Cleaver's unlimited 1-click deployment feature, you need to first link a local git repository.


  1. Select the site you want to setup deployment for.

  2. From the secondary sidebar, select Deployments. You will notice that 🚀 Deployment Now button is disabled. That's because you haven't set a repository yet.

  3. Click on ⚙️ Settings button.

  4. LOCAL PROJECT GIT REPO: Path to the local git repo. The path must be a git repo other wise deploying it would fail. Click on Browse button and select the root directory of your project's git repo.

  5. BRANCH TO DEPLOY: The branch to deploy. Cleaver does not check whether the branch name is valid or not. You are responsible for making sure of it before deploying.

  6. If everything looks ok, click Add button.

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