• Deploy Now button is disabled
  • Make sure you have added a path to your local git repo. If you have not, click on ⚙️ Settings button to link your repo first.
  • My .env variables are not synced when deploying
    • This is by design. Go to Environment tab to sync it manually.
  • My changes are not being deployed
    • Make sure that you have committed all your changes before you want to deploy. This is by design as well.
    • Make sure you have set the branch that you intend to deploy on the setup repo page
  • Deployment fails sometimes but then deploying it again works
    • Make sure to wait at least a minute before deploying a new deployment. If you click 🚀 Deploy Now button too many times consecutively, you may have been throttled by your own server.
  • The Rollback button on the first/ top deployment is disabled
    • This is by design as it really doesn't make sense to rollback to the current deployment. If you have a good case against it, please let us know.
  • I have other questions or I'm still having an issue
    • We are very sorry that you are still having an issue. Please email us with as much information as possible and we'll sort it out right away.

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