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  • PHP 7.2 - Provision servers with the latest PHP version 7.2 You can still create servers with PHP 7.1


  • Catch even more errors



  • Quick Scripts - Create a script and run it on one or multiple servers in parallel from right within the app.


  • Improve memory consumption and startup speed
  • Organize the UI for showing available server sizes
  • Catch even more errors


  • Fixed a bug where it would throw an error while running a custom hook
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn't installing SSL certificates for a www CNAME
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn't forwarding secure www domain to primary domain
  • Block from adding an empty custom hook



  • Zero Downtime Deployments, custom hooks, and rollbacks are now available for Grav sites
  • php-yaml and php-apcu extensions are installed and enabled for Grav sites


  • Trap and show more error happening deployments


  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the open site button for a default site would do nothing
  • Fixed a bug around database migrations
  • Fixed a bug around syncing a non-existent env file for Laravel applications
  • Fixed a bug where it would keep showing a task being run even if it is completed



  • Custom Deployment Hooks - add your own custom hook to make it a part of your deployment
  • You can now cancel the running deployment
  • You can now see the log of each hook during a deployment
  • You can now see more details about a site such as its web directory, webmaster's email etc.


  • Cleaned up UI to make it even more minimalistic
  • Vastly and noticeably improved performance
  • Add more error handling
  • Clicking on an unread notification will make it as read


  • Fixed wildcard subdomain issue with Vultr
  • Fixed a bug where it would not let the .env file to have double quotes




  • Error catching and reporting
  • Allow scrolling of sidebar's menu items
  • Hit enter to submit server delete form
  • Cleanup server list
  • Hide expander for notifications that have no messages
  • Replace .env variables syncing with .env file syncing
  • It's much easier to click the "vertical action dropdown" button
  • NPM install hook is now disabled by default and also npm is used instead of yarn


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


  • New: Job Schedule:
  • New: Delete All Notifications:
    • You can now delete all notifications with a single click.
  • Improvement: You can now hit enter to submit a form rather than clicking the submit button
  • Improvement: Use dropdown menu for deleting a SSH key for consistency
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where it would show a blank screen when hitting enter key in a form
  • Fix: Fixed an error when syncing Laravel environment variables
  • Fix: Fixed messages overlapping the OK button


  • New: Windows Installer
    • Cleaver is now available for Windows 🎉
  • New: Notifications and Error Logs:
    • Cleaver will now notify you when a task succeeds or fails. You'll also be able to see logs so that you will know what went wrong when something fails. We'll continue to improve logging even more to give you more details on a task.
  • New: Auto Updater across all platforms:
    • Previously Cleaver was only able to auto update on the macOS but now Cleaver will download the latest and the greatest version of Cleaver and notify you on all supported platforms: macOS, Linux, and Windows.
  • Improvement: Notify updates on macOS using a notification instead of an alert dialog
  • Improvement: Show Tooltips for Menu Items
  • Improvement: New app icon
  • Improvement: Remove some unwanted menu items


  • New: Install LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates
    • You can now install LetsEncrypt SSL certificates after a site is created. You can also install additional certificates for additional subdomains.
  • New: Added a What's New page
  • Improvement: Improved security on how access tokens are saved
  • Improvement: Remember Email Address:
    • When signing in, Cleaver now remembers your previous email address and fills the field automatically.
  • Improvement: Show Tooltips for Menu Items
  • Fixes Miscellaneous UI style fixes


  • New: Added support for Vultr
  • New: Added support for rolling back deployments
  • New: Allow to automatically configure DNS records when adding a site
  • Improvement: Site status now depicts deploying status
  • Improvement: Added a separator between server menu items and site menu items when they are combined
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where it would show Chinese texts on some UI elements


  • 🎉 🎈 First Private Beta Release 👋

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