• I don't see a list of server region
    • Hit cancel button and try again by clicking Add New Server button. If you still can't see the list, try restarting the app.
  • Server status is 'error' and I don't know why
    • First, make sure your access token is valid.
    • This is a known issue with DigitalOcean sometimes. Go to your DigitalOcean Dashboard and see if it says "There was an error while creating your droplet" next to your droplet. In either case, try creating a new server again. If the problem persists, wait for few minutes and try creating a server on a different region.
    • Check DigitalOcean status page and make sure the region you have selected is not having an issue.
    • If everything seems fine and nothing works, please send us an email.
  • Server provisioning is taking forever

    • Server provisioning duration could depend on few factors:
      • The region you have selected.
      • DigitalOcean is going through a maintenance or experiencing some issues.
      • Extra packages you have selected (such as MySQL, NodeJS) etc. and the status of these packages.
      • Your network is slow (not a big factor but still) or got interrupted while provisioning. Sometimes it is helpful to just let it run for extended time. Also, you want to go to DigitalOcean dashboard and see if there was an error or not. Try restarting the app and provisioning a new server possibly on a different region.
  • I cannot login to my server as root

    • Once your server is initially provisioned, logging as root user over SSH is disabled by Cleaver because of security concerns. Try to login as user cleaver which is created for you by Cleaver when provisioning your server.
  • Where is the private key for a server that I just created?

    • On macOS, it's under ~/.ssh/cleaver and starts with the nave of the server followed by a random id.
  • I cannot login as user cleaver over ssh

    • Make sure to you pass in your private key located under ~/.ssh/cleaver when logging in. Something like:

      ssh cleaver@<server-ip-address> -i ~/.ssh/cleaver/<server-private-key>

  • I have other questions or I'm still having an issue
    • We are very sorry that you are still having an issue. Please email us with as much information as possible and we'll sort it out right away.

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