Creating Sites

Once your server is provisioned, you are ready to add one or many sites to your server. Cleaver supports 4 different types of sites right out of the box - static web apps, Laravel apps, WordPress blogs, and Grav CMS apps. We have plans to add plenty more in future.

The main goal of Cleaver is to make server provisioning and site deployments easy and accessible for everyone. And to be true to its goal, Cleaver lets you just add your domains/ subdomains without having to deal with scary sounding system admin abbreviations such as DNS, A records, CNAME records etc. On top of this, Cleaver -- with the check of one checkbox -- installs, configures, and renews SSL certificates to make your site secure and thanks to Let's Encrypt, you don't pay a single penny for these SSL certificates. Some of Cleaver's early users have said that this alone makes Cleaver so powerful and helpful.

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